Taming and Training That Monkey Mind

As we step more and more onto the New Landscape of the New Reality one of the important practices we can install and integrate into our knowledge base is taming or training our money mind. Taming That Monkey Mind, Oh boy, some fun, eh?

Well, we all have one, whether we call it that or not. Yep, we do! 

So what is the monkey mind? It wasn’t until I was writing a chapter about it in my book How To Be The REAL You that I Googled “Monkey Mind.”

Well, see me surprised! I found out the concept of the monkey mind goes back to Buddha 2,500 years ago. Buddha said, “The mind is like a bunch of drunken monkeys!” I think we can agree with that, eh?

Well, it really is the typical mind chatter: things to do, fears to fear, childhood dramas to relive, judgmental comments about ourselves and others,

It’s also our inner critic. It is what tells us that we can’t do anything right. That we don’t think or listen. Or that we are stupid, or useless, or unlovable, or whatever and its commitment to self-pity is relentless. I am sure you know what I mean.

It is amazing to me, when I look back on my life before taming my monkey mind, what I used to allow it to do to me. Holy Moly! Well, I assure you I am glad to be past that

As much as the monkey mind is a pain in the pitute, we do not want to get rid of it. Oh no! It is very useful.

I love my monkey mind. In our busy lives it’s our monkey mind that keeps on top of things. It usually keeps us on time, on schedule. It reminds us what needs to be done, who we need to talk to, what’s next. So, it does have its practical applications.

So, what do we do? We tame or train our monkey mind. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

So, how do we do that?

We need to keep a leash on it. Ok, how do we do that?

Well, first we understand that the future is uncertain. None of us really knows what is coming but when we are concerned or anxious or fearful about what is going to happen next, we lose the ability to be in the moment. To really love the journey of life that we are taking we need to stay in the NOW.

My favorite refrain to the Monkey Mind when I find it off in the future or the past is: Hey, hey, get back here … Be here now, right where we are, doing what we are doing! It works and I usually laugh at and with myself. But it feels good

Second, we have to have the desire to put an end to the monkey mind running wild.

With that desire in place, when we find our monkey mind  in full swing, we stop and listen to what it is saying.

Sometimes the monkey mind just needs to be heard. Other times we have to be adamant and just say stop!  Sometimes more than once.

I do this a lot when I find my monkey mind judging, criticizing, or making stuff up.

I just yell Stop!

Inside my head, of course. But, just between us, if I am alone, I may let my inside voice come out and yell SHUT UP!!! Or, depending on its craziness: SHUT THE BLANK UP!!!

I don’t do that on a regular basis. People may get concerned about me, you know?

ALSO I interrupt the monkey mind with a mantra. I distract it.

Here are a few I use: May Peace Prevail on Earth, Love and TrustBe here now

Understanding the monkey mind supports us in becoming our true selves. The monkey mind is running wild in so many lives and taming is not hard. It just takes practice.

The practice of taming our monkey mind has lots and lots of benefits.

We will feel so much better. More balanced. Less anxious. Happier. We will become calmer people. We will begin to understand we don’t  need to react, we can take the time to respond as we wish.

The monkey mind tends to be reactive, to lash out abruptly and emotionally without thinking. We do not need to do that any longer.

When we become friends with our monkey mind, we become free.

Live Free!